xe/xir/xis or they/them/theirs or any standard English pronouns (in that order of preference)asexual/agender/adult/ASD/alliteration
(In a monogamous relationship with a hot anime vtuber waifu)
Settling on a name is hard, but I've been going by Alumin (Al for short). Feel free to also use any of my usernames, "kins"/idols/comfort characters, OCs/sonas, or anything you can vaguely associate me with (Sonic, Miles, Joey, Yugi, Neo, Nova, Astro, Cosmos, Axioma, Malent, Werehog, Jester, Clown, etc.) there's too many good names I wish I could decide what I like best (╥﹏╥)In a nutshell I'm a varied art hobbiest working towards becoming some kind of professional so I can quit my day job. I do a lot of digital and traditional art and am trying to build skills in more programmy-type things like cgi and coding. I'm a weeb, a furry, a memer, and a wannabe clown, with a penchant for puns and silliness but an overall polite approach. I have a ton of interests and love discussing media so don't be scared to reach out.

PRIMARY EVERYGREEN INTERESTS that make up my entire personality and drive the serotonin machine:
✩✩ Sonic the Hedgehog ✩✩
✩ Transformers ✩ (And p much all robot shows)
✩ Neopets ✩ (I haven't stopped playing since the start of the pandemic, still on the account I played on in middleschool)
✩✩ NiGHTS ✩✩
Clowns, Jesters, Mimes
, etc.
Aesthetic cultivation and alternative fashion (Punk, Goth, Scene, Lolita/j-fashion, Cottagecore, Dark Academia, etc.)
Art and Crafting (Mildly obsessed with Drawfee Show on Youtube)
Collecting Toys and Trinkets (I have a respectable alligator figure and plush collection, collect clown plushies and NiGHTS fanart, have a Sonic the Hedgehog themed apartment living room, and a shelf dedicated to my Transformers [mostly prime series figures])
__Stuff I Love A Normal Amount (/lying) but are not my whole personality:__
Fullmetal Alchemist
My Hero Academia
Steven Universe
Death Note
Pacific Rim
Gravity Falls
Genshin Impact
Five Nights At Freddy's
Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun
Super Giant Robot BrothersSLEEPER AGENT INTERESTS(I spend a long time not thinking about them but oh lord watch out when they Activate™):
Yu-Gi-Oh! (most familiar with Duel Monsters but i grew up with GX as well, am interested in watching the newer ones at some point, and I play the cardgame on the Duel Links app, and also collect the cards irl)
Homestar Runner
Team Fortress 2
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
(specifically the 2009 film)
Tokyo Mew Mew
My Little Pony
Care Bears

basically any and all Zoology (Fave Animal is the Alligator!!)
Clouds/the sky/meteorology/related painting and photography
Wizards (like from dnd or generic cultural fiction, not the shitty englophile ones from TERF book.)
Learning German and/or Dutch language
Deep Sleep (I'm disinterested in returning to these most of the time but they were special interests before and have big potential to Activate™ as well):
Invader Zim
Persona 4 (5 isnt quite my jam but i got really into p4 in college)
LEGO Ninjago
LEGO in general I guess
Phantom of the Opera
Other musical theatre

▪︎if any of my labels or interests upset or enrage you. (Especially if they are mainstay or sleeper agent level interests, you are going to have a bad time.)
▪︎Animal Rights Activist/Aggressively Vegan
▪︎pro-ana/pro-ed/main account focused on weight loss
▪︎basically anyone who uses their diet as an identity makes me uncomfy and i do not want to talk to you or see you.
▪︎Chronic Discourser (especially shipping, exclusion, and fandom. Drama gives me hives do not rope me into it.)
▪︎NFT traders and apologists
I dont care if you interact (I'm not gonna waste my time vetting people) but I dislike you and you will Not Like Me™:
TERFs, SWERFs, n@zis, police sympathizers/blue lives matter people, ace exclusionists, incels, transmeds/truscum, Feminists™ (who think being afab is suffering and think systemic misogyny is a conspiracy), people who write and/or spread a lot of callout posts mainly centered around public fandom interactions, and Art Thieves (smh just Get Good™ already)
You can interact, I don't feel strongly negative about you, but we can't be friends if you...
》think any Sonic game or show "is objectively bad" (ANY. Even '06. Even Boom. Especially Underground.) I hate the Sonic Boom TV show and legitimately don't understand why people like it but I understand there is an audience that loves it and its for them. All Sonic has good and bad, theres just variation on what there is to hold onto in each piece of Sonic media.
》actively negatively engage with things you think are cringe. unless its some kind of opinion or retrospective piece about something's problematic elements and impact, like Harry Potter warning posts or something.